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Diplomate, ABVP
Canine/Feline Specialty

Ronald J. Lane, VMD, MS, MBA


Below is a list of web sites that have some useful information for the well-being of your pet. Search engines for the internet can provide an endless supply of animal related websites that are loaded with information and one should make sure that the information is reliable, accurate and not self-serving as it is on a business sponsored site offering products for sale.
Being a responsible surfer can help you avoid spurious information and wasting your time, money and emotions. Sites that are sponsored by the breed's national organization, a specific disease or by a veterinary school or college provide a higher quality of information and support. If you have any questions regarding a website for its accuracy and authenticity, we would be very happy to look at it for you.

Cats & Dogs

Veterinary Partner

A great website for veterinary advice on specific diseases and behavior

Indoor Pet

A very helpful website for improving the quality of your pet's life

Delta Society

A great resource for pet loss and bereavement

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFFA)

For information concerning orthopedic and genetic diseases of animals

ASPCA Poison Control

A 24 hour reference for ingesting of possible toxins

Oxalate content of foods

For dogs and cats with Calcium oxalate stones and crystals

Balance It

For complete recipes for home cooking




Canine Epilespy

Information for owners with epileptic dogs

Canine Diabetes

A great website for dogs with diabetes

Dog Leggs

Great orthopedic products to help dogs who are weak in the hind end, or have footpad or elbow problems

Addison Dogs

An example for a specific disease such as Addison's

American Kennel Club

A full resource for breeds of dogs




Fritz the Brave

For cats with asthma

Feline Diabetes

Resources for cats with diabetes

Cat Info

A great resource for feeding canned food to indoor cat



Other links

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