Lauren E. Lane, VMD

Diplomate, ABVP
Canine/Feline Specialty

Ronald J. Lane, VMD, MS, MBA



Payment for products is required at the time of purchase. Payment for services is expected at the time services are provided and the patient is discharged. We expect full payment for all routinely scheduled appointments, surgeries, medications and services. If you are unable to pay for all of the recommended products and services, we will discuss what is most needed and affordable while deferring other less essential procedures, treatments, and products until payment is available. We provide estimates as needed.

If your pet requires an involved procedure or has a non-routine critical care visit such as an unanticipated emergency situation, we will work with you on payment options. We accept Care Credit and we will help you apply for a payment plan at their medical credit company with a range of payment options. We understand that life can be unpredictable and unexpected expenses can occur. We will do our best to facilitate a payment plan. We do not bill and any other special payment plan must be approved by the attending veterinarian.

Owning and properly providing for your pet does include a financial responsibility and if you are concerned about your ability to finance your pet's medical needs, you may want to explore a pet insurance policy. Another very simple option is to create a monthly savings account for your pet(s) so that if the need would arise you would have a resource available. You can use your own financial institution or we will be glad to setup and administer a pre-service payment plan through our office computer system if you would like - you can prepay into your account each week or month until you have accumulated enough to cover the cost of the procedure.

Forms of payment